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Australia - 1,483 images (19th March 2016)

Aviation - 2,191 images (17th January 2016)

Canada, Vacouver, Lake Louise, Banff - 80 images (17th February 2016)

New Zealand - 343 images (18th August 2015)

Rodeos Australia - 2,760 images (18th March 2016)

Perth Royal Show - Show Jumping, Sheep Shearing Wood Chopping - 500 images (20th October 2015)

Singapore - 19 images (12th October 2013)

Sport, Car Rallys, Car Shows, Equine Show Jumping, Power Boat racing, Jet Ski Racing, Jet Sprint & Downhill Skiing - 2,274 images (18th April 2016)

USA, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park - 165 images (16th April 2013)

Wildlife, Animals, Reptiles, Insects and Birds - 1,594 images (19th March 2016)